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We are asking all good people of conscience to co-sign their name to the below Open Letter. The letter calls on relevant international bodies and non-governmental agencies to take immediate action to endorse and preserve the human rights and liberty of Suzie and her children, and to protect them from being thrust back into the waiting arms of her persecutors. Once you have read and signed the letter, please share it with friends, colleagues and family to help us protect this brave Kiwi journalist. Thank you

We, the undersigned, have reviewed the overwhelming evidence of New Zealand journalist Suzie Dawson’s political persecution as posted on this website and call on international bodies and NGO's to step up and advocate for the protection of Suzie and her family from this persecution.

It is unacceptable that a young mother and her children have been subjected to extreme psychological distress after years of targeting and harassment by the very entities Suzie held to account through her journalistic work and activism. Suzie and her children deserve, at the very least, to live free of this persistent abuse.

Due to a combination of discrimination based on Suzie's country of origin and her association with other high value targets, neglect and lack of resource, Suzie and her family are effectively in limbo and require urgent intervention from appropriate parties in order to resolve their situation in a way that reinforces and is consistent with their human rights.

Suzie Dawson is not and has never been a threat to the public but rather a peaceful, pro-democratic activist whose journalistic work has been published on three continents, in multiple languages, and is of a great benefit to the public. We therefore exhort you to provide Suzie Dawson and her young family the support and advocacy necessary to ensure that they are protected from the powerful entities that have demonstrated repeatedly that they will stop at nothing to harm her.

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Name: Barbara Callahan
Date: 16 Dec 19 02:52 UTC
Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! Love You!
Name: Maricar Ustick
Date: 16 Dec 19 02:51 UTC
i support julian - and all nonviolent people
Name: Paul
Date: 16 Dec 19 02:46 UTC
hoping your host country grants you sanctuary, you were an inspiration to many! stay safe Suzie
Name: Mia Carroll
Date: 16 Dec 19 02:40 UTC
If the world had more Suzi's, it would be a better place ;)
Name: Clayton Redden
Date: 16 Dec 19 02:37 UTC
Suzie has endlessly paved the way for transparency, publicly advocating for individuals such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning. We must now give back to Suzie what she has given us: support.
Name: Aaron Nelson
Date: 16 Dec 19 02:36 UTC
one of the best journalists in the business! was lucky to work with suzie briefly online in 2016. so much talent!
Name: Mako Jones
Date: 16 Dec 19 02:27 UTC
We must help and protect this young journalistv
Name: Steve Mcmaster
Date: 16 Dec 19 02:15 UTC
Suzi, you are an inspiration to find your voice and courage. Thank you and Unity4j for all your support for the Toronto Assange vigils.
Name: Steve Poikonen
Date: 16 Dec 19 02:03 UTC
The persecution of Suzie Dawson, and the continued ambiguity regarding her and her children's future, must be stopped. The evidence that she is a targeted individual is incontrovertible. She must be protected from her tormentors. Please support her in this fight.
Name: David Sutton
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:57 UTC
I have known Suzie for years. She is an absolute inspiration. Her bravery and refusal to give up on what she knows is right has put her, undeservedly and repeatedly, in harm's way. I am grateful for the sanctuary she has in Russia. It's past time that she is allowed out of the limbo state in which she and her children are trapped.
Name: Anna Mairs
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:52 UTC
No activist or journalist deserves to have their lives, safety or freedom threatened by anyone especially militarized intelligence operatives whose crimes & disinformation campaigns they expose. When corruption goes unchecked for their retaliation the 99% of the world suffers and all humanity is lost. Protect Suzie to send a clear message that the world will unite against these hateful, criminal organizations!
Name: Pete Delorenzo
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:49 UTC
Suzie is an amazing and courageous person who expresses her love for humanity through her actions.
Name: Rob Juneau
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:46 UTC
Let us not watch honesty be criminalized by those indiscriminate few who believe themselves above Justice.
Name: Christian
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:43 UTC
Freedom for Suzie
Name: Fred Edward
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:42 UTC
The most basic human rights of Suzie Dawson have been violated for years by the intelligence agencies of the US & New Zealand, plus others. Please consider all the latest evidence for Ms Dawson's asylum request.
Name: Derek Morris
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:40 UTC
Suzie has done a great public service in sharing her experiences and the knowledge that she has about the intelligence apparatus.  Journalists, whistle-blowers, and truth-tellers, like her, deserve protection from this 'intelligence' cabal if we want real democracy, or to even hear the truth.  We cannot let the treatment of Suzie, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and others stand.  If it does, the truth could be gone forever and an important force in history would be squashed from existence; and we cannot let that happen.
Name: Sherry Clayton
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:35 UTC
I support Suzie Dawson in her case for asylum
Name: Carl Turechek
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:32 UTC
Suzie has been upholding the law. Not sure about her stalkers... if so those laws need to be adjusted!
Name: Mitch
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:29 UTC
Suzi is doing valuable work for humanity.

She should be supported, not persecuted.
Name: Isabelle Sandow
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:29 UTC
The oppression manifests itself to everyone. But in itself, it is not an ideological or gender competition. It is the attempt of Imperialization. The contraction of every advancement the free human society has achieved, in favor of a mentally ill hubris. The dying swan of the monarchy, one could say, that could pull us all down to hell. Time and time again, new movements form, to resist the oppression. Today they are no longer crushed or assassinated, today they are malformed and finally dissolve into meaninglessness, if they have not turned into tools of oppression themselves. An ideological mask is then bolted over it, left vs. right, man vs. women. For the left and feminine it looks like the right and masculine are creating the oppression. For the right and masculine, it looks like the left and feminine are oppressing them. A picture is drawn as if this play was part of the emancipatory uprising of the woman. In a way, that even academia, blinded by socio-cultural pseudo concepts, declares its inability to do something against it, while through management tricks its own independence is skimmed. Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel or even Ursula von der Leyen, are symbolic ikons of this emancipation. Although each one of the three is paving the way for imperial oppression. The question is not, how we can overcome the separation and toe the line together, the question is, how do we organ-ize, in order to withstand the subversion from the cancer of imperial oppression? What we experience right now is not capitalism, because capitalism means competition, and there is no competition anymore. What we have is also not democracy anymore, because democracy means the power comes from the people. And if the vassals of this imperial broodling hold us in check, by making us believe we were competing against ourselves, we probably have to deal with one of mankind's greatest catastrophes, instead of democracy in its final stage. We cannot afford this wet dream of an industrial power grab. We only have limited time on this planet. And we need every single brain to advance us all. We cannot leave the leadership of this world to this psychopathological tumor. It is ill and narcissistic towards its own intelligence and superiority. The internet and tech hold a big benefit. Deep insights into the world and into our selves. But only if we can all use it, to make groundbreaking discoveries by chance, and not, like it is today, to only be used by the empire for its self-preservation.
Name: Robert Marshall
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:27 UTC
Glad to support Suzie's work.
Name: Sybil Cochrane
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:26 UTC
Suzy is being illegally targeted. She should not be subjected to this harassment!
Name: Esteleen Westby
Date: 16 Dec 19 01:26 UTC
Activists are not Terrorists and the problem is not Suzie Dawson. It is the terrorists that are the problem. Please help keep Suzie and her children safe in exile.
Truth-tellers are to be cherished and protected. Their sacrifice is for others and there is no higher calling.
Name: Christy Dopf
Date: 16 Dec 19 00:58 UTC
We stand with Suzie!