Open Letter

We are asking all good people of conscience to co-sign their name to the below Open Letter. The letter calls on relevant international bodies and non-governmental agencies to take immediate action to endorse and preserve the human rights and liberty of Suzie and her children, and to protect them from being thrust back into the waiting arms of her persecutors. Once you have read and signed the letter, please share it with friends, colleagues and family to help us protect this brave Kiwi journalist. Thank you

We, the undersigned, have reviewed the overwhelming evidence of New Zealand journalist Suzie Dawson’s political persecution as posted on this website and call on international bodies and NGO's to step up and advocate for the protection of Suzie and her family from this persecution.

It is unacceptable that a young mother and her children have been subjected to extreme psychological distress after years of targeting and harassment by the very entities Suzie held to account through her journalistic work and activism. Suzie and her children deserve, at the very least, to live free of this persistent abuse.

Due to a combination of discrimination based on Suzie's country of origin and her association with other high value targets, neglect and lack of resource, Suzie and her family are effectively in limbo and require urgent intervention from appropriate parties in order to resolve their situation in a way that reinforces and is consistent with their human rights.

Suzie Dawson is not and has never been a threat to the public but rather a peaceful, pro-democratic activist whose journalistic work has been published on three continents, in multiple languages, and is of a great benefit to the public. We therefore exhort you to provide Suzie Dawson and her young family the support and advocacy necessary to ensure that they are protected from the powerful entities that have demonstrated repeatedly that they will stop at nothing to harm her.

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Name: Haase
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:18 UTC
Cosigning for Suzie Dawson. Free Assange.
Name: Stephen Saunders
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:14 UTC
Please answer this question. In what dystopian nightmare did journalism become a crime? End the persecution of Suze immediately!
Name: Paul Marian Heinrich
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:14 UTC
Please protect Suzi and her faimly, they have been put through enough hardships and danger ...
Name: Marty Bray
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:13 UTC
Thank you Suzie. Protect the right to know and the right to speak. Take care XX
Name: Birgit Lenderink
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:13 UTC
Protect the journalists. Protect the 5th estate. Protect democracy.
Name: Matthew Moriarty
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:12 UTC
People like Suzi Dawson are so rare, they remind us how far the rest of us have yet to go.
Name: Frank Wayong
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:11 UTC
Suzie is a brave woman who is standing up for the rest of humanity. She sacrificed her self for others. And for that she needs to get protection against the vicious system that is out to destroy everyone who fights for freedom
Name: Liana Kelly
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:09 UTC
I support Susie
Name: Nikita Thierry
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:07 UTC
When we loose the right to speak and expose the truth

We all loose the ability to live in a free world based on morality
Name: Frank Wayong
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:06 UTC
Suzie is a brave woman who sacrificed her self for the greater good of others. This world need more people like her. She definitely needs to be protected against the people who tries to harm her and her family
Name: Danielle Wood
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:05 UTC
I stand with Suzie.
Name: Stephen Hitchings
Date: 26 Dec 19 00:02 UTC
Stop silencing truth tellers
Name: Erin Rauch
Date: 25 Dec 19 23:59 UTC
Protect Suzie!
Name: Trenton Gaddis
Date: 25 Dec 19 23:59 UTC
Seems crazy until the Gestapo comes for you!
Name: Adrian Dormer
Date: 25 Dec 19 23:41 UTC

God bless you Suzie. you're a warrior-soul.

Pray 4 Julian
Name: Adrian Dormer
Date: 25 Dec 19 23:36 UTC

<3 bless you suzie. >
Name: Rasmus Sylvester Forsberg Outzen
Date: 25 Dec 19 23:09 UTC
The persecution of journalists around the world for publishing inconvenient truths must stop.
Name: Poifai
Date: 25 Dec 19 22:24 UTC
Free Julian assange
Name: Travis Vowinkel
Date: 25 Dec 19 22:00 UTC
The perpetrators defend themselves by accusing those that expose their wrong doings of doing wrong. Snowden, Manning, Assange et all.
Name: Aggie Lukaszewski
Date: 25 Dec 19 15:54 UTC
We are ALL Suzie Dawson!
Name: Duncan Armour
Date: 25 Dec 19 15:47 UTC
I support Suzie.
Name: Dan Scotland
Date: 25 Dec 19 03:30 UTC
Please preserve the human rights and liberty of Suzie and her children, and to protect them from being thrust back into the waiting arms of her persecutors.
Name: Wilfredo E Cespedes
Date: 25 Dec 19 02:32 UTC
I thank you for your great work on behalf of the public that needs journalists like you and Assange @wikileaksupdate

Keep strong we are with you
Name: Gerry Williams
Date: 24 Dec 19 07:05 UTC
I have never seen or heard any unlawful act from this woman.
Name: N Tunnicliffe
Date: 23 Dec 19 01:21 UTC
Protect hugely important journalist Suzie Dawson who has been informing the public about the 5 eyes intelligence industry and their weaponisation of psychology and other despotic activities.
Name: Ernesto Zambrano
Date: 25 Dec 19 21:01 UTC
Protect Suzie

Saludos desde México
Name: Jaden Ashley
Date: 25 Dec 19 20:15 UTC
Harassment is illegal, even if it is committed by law enforcement or security agencies.
Name: Shona Davidson
Date: 25 Dec 19 17:46 UTC
Journalism is not a crime. Suzie is a journalist giving us the truth. She is peaceful and no threat to society. She and her family must be allowed to live in safety and peace.
Name: Aggie Lukaszewski
Date: 25 Dec 19 15:54 UTC
We are ALL Suzie Dawson!
Name: Duncan Armour
Date: 25 Dec 19 15:47 UTC
I support Suzie
Name: Dan Scotland
Date: 25 Dec 19 03:30 UTC
Please preserve the human rights and liberty of Suzie and her children, and to protect them from being thrust back into the waiting arms of her persecutors.
Name: Wilfredo E Cespedes
Date: 25 Dec 19 02:32 UTC
I thank you for your great work on behalf of the public that needs journalists like you and Assange. @wikileaksupdate Keep strong we are with you.
Name: Gerry Williams
Date: 24 Dec 19 07:05 UTC
I have never seen or heard any unlawful act from this woman.
Name: Nolan Tunnicliffe
Date: 23 Dec 19 01:10 UTC
Please help Suzie Dawson a hugely important journalist in informing the world of the weaponisation of psychology and despotic activities of the 5 eyes intelligence agencies.
Name: John Hunt
Date: 22 Dec 19 02:06 UTC
I once heard someone say.'If you ignore injustice in one place, eventually it knocks on your door.'
Name: Jie Wang
Date: 21 Dec 19 22:23 UTC
Free speech is human rights we all must have
Name: James Henry Graf
Date: 21 Dec 19 22:14 UTC
Suzi's fear of persecution on the basis of her political opinion and its free expression is clearly well-founded. She meets the definition of a Conventional refugee. She deserves asylum.
Name: Vanhouteghem
Date: 21 Dec 19 22:12 UTC
Journalism is not a crime
Name: John Read
Date: 21 Dec 19 22:01 UTC
Protect Suzie. This is to protect an important fellow-citizen. I support Suzie Dawson
Name: Hicran Izzet
Date: 21 Dec 19 18:46 UTC
I stand with Suzie. I stand by freedom of speach.
Name: Eila Simpson
Date: 21 Dec 19 16:58 UTC
Many people are targeted, under surveillance, pushed to suicide and having 'accidents' because of #Dews. Peoples' Jobs are lost, rendered homeless, placed into psychiatric care and falsely diagnosed as mentally ill.
Name: Isabelle Sandow
Date: 21 Dec 19 16:08 UTC
The crooked empire will fall!
Name: Misty Winston
Date: 21 Dec 19 14:33 UTC
I stand with Suzie.
Name: Lau Dam Mortensen
Date: 21 Dec 19 14:29 UTC
I support Suzie
Name: Jeff Costello
Date: 21 Dec 19 14:14 UTC
Thank you Susie!🙏
Name: Pravin
Date: 21 Dec 19 13:57 UTC
Protect Suzie
Name: Gordon Dimmack
Date: 21 Dec 19 13:07 UTC
The persecution of journalists around the world for publishing inconvenient truths must stop.

Make Orwell Fiction Again!
Name: Brant Groff
Date: 21 Dec 19 00:11 UTC
Please protect Suzie!
Name: Lionel Dibdin
Date: 20 Dec 19 20:21 UTC
Lovely Web page, Preserve the fantastic work. With thanks!
Name: Simon Floth
Date: 20 Dec 19 12:15 UTC
Suzie is an unstoppable truth teller. Western powers have responded to her brilliant work, by playing hard and dirty to silence her. They could not hide that forever, and now the facts are plain.
Name: Amanda E Doane-johnson
Date: 19 Dec 19 20:47 UTC
Protect Suzie!!
Name: Jade Ross
Date: 20 Dec 19 05:18 UTC
Transparency is needed in governments and political parties.
Name: Donald J Sather
Date: 19 Dec 19 20:04 UTC
I stand with Suzie.
Name: Rev Jamie Kahn
Date: 19 Dec 19 20:05 UTC
Do not make an"example"' of this young woman. Rule humanely, govern humanely, think humanely. Let this young mother go to be reunited w/ her family.
Name: Rhys Baker
Date: 19 Dec 19 20:47 UTC
Solidarity forever.
Name: Charity Samelson
Date: 19 Dec 19 19:31 UTC
Protect Suzie and her family
Name: Anna Palczynska
Date: 19 Dec 19 15:57 UTC
In the name of Free Speech
Name: Aggie Lukaszewski
Date: 19 Dec 19 15:02 UTC
What’s the matter with you people?

Are you turning as fascist as the US government??!
Name: Francois Guesdon
Date: 19 Dec 19 13:55 UTC
Protect Suzie
Name: Geoffrey Francis
Date: 19 Dec 19 02:01 UTC
Protect Suzie.
Name: Janet Stamp
Date: 19 Dec 19 01:59 UTC
Protect Suzie.

Name: Kathryn Piper
Date: 19 Dec 19 01:50 UTC
Truly shocking what our government agencies do to innocent, honest, compassionate people. Suzie selflessly helping all the voiceless. We are with you Suzie. We admire you and we are all watching.
Name: M Richards
Date: 18 Dec 19 23:18 UTC
Suzie and her family are in great need for refuge from the appalling, systematic harassment, intimidation and stalking by certain western intelligence agencies who hope to silence her in retribution for reporting on western governments' current trend of devolving into police states.
Name: Alex Hills
Date: 18 Dec 19 20:35 UTC
117 kiwi asylum seekers and Suzie is one of them, her story needs to be told. especially in nz!
Name: Matthew Prockter
Date: 18 Dec 19 17:05 UTC
For NZ to run an independent foreign policy we need to support journalists like Susie to expose the illegal activity of intelligence agencies.
Name: Will Everman
Date: 18 Dec 19 15:05 UTC
Journalism is not a crime
Name: Lydia Maniatis
Date: 18 Dec 19 17:29 UTC
I support Suzie and believe in what she's doing. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Julian.
Name: Deborah Hendry
Date: 18 Dec 19 11:45 UTC
Protect Suzie
Name: Dean Lyall
Date: 18 Dec 19 08:47 UTC
Please help Suzie, thankyou.
Name: Isi Wasilewski
Date: 18 Dec 19 07:06 UTC
Name: Mary Naylor
Date: 18 Dec 19 03:46 UTC
How shocking that this young mother who would be an asset to any country is being persecuted! Please help her.
Name: Annabelle Corley
Date: 17 Dec 19 23:46 UTC
Protect Suzie and her children’s human rights. They must stop being violated
Name: Brenda Bonnici
Date: 17 Dec 19 20:51 UTC
First time I heard about her was when she was speaking up for others - at least 2 different people. I have learned from the good work she is doing.
Name: Paul Fonua
Date: 17 Dec 19 20:32 UTC
Thank you Suzie for all the hard work you do!
Name: Vivian Kubrick
Date: 17 Dec 19 20:29 UTC
It's outrageous enough that the DISSENTING VOICES of citizens and independent journalists are being increasingly censored. Supposedly, we live in a free, democratic society - of course that's an illusion - so it's really scary to see this level of oppression, BUT to be physically, mentally, emotionally attacked by intelligence agencies? And more distressing, Intel Agencies subcontracting out this harassment to highly dubious PRIVATELY OWNED Intel agencies is beyond dangerous.

The future HAPPINESS & FREEDOM of mankind is under dire threat!

Name: Ian Roberts
Date: 17 Dec 19 19:36 UTC
I am ashamed of the New Zealand government and its functionaries.
Name: Commander X
Date: 17 Dec 19 19:02 UTC
Suzie Dawson is a world renown activist, journalist - and national security researcher. She has been relentlessly pursued in a campaign of persecution perpetrated by the government of New Zealand, in direct violation of her internationally recognized human rights. I personally call upon the government of Russia to do the right thing and protect this much beloved hero from persecution by granting her immediate refugee status.
Name: Trudi Wallace
Date: 17 Dec 19 19:00 UTC
Suzie's work is very well written, very well sourced. Suzie is one of the greatest journslists we have. She is a thourougly wholesome person. All children deserve stability, Suzie's children make this case especially urgent.
Name: D Nicholson
Date: 17 Dec 19 18:29 UTC
It’s time we stopped persecuting true journalists and whistleblowers, and we started prosecuting those that they expose.
Name: Ralph Walter Reed
Date: 17 Dec 19 18:28 UTC
Thank you Suzie Dawson
Name: Lauren Wilson
Date: 17 Dec 19 18:05 UTC
Please help protect this brave journalist.
Name: Stephen Koludrovic
Date: 17 Dec 19 18:04 UTC
I might agree or not with what you might write, but I will always be for your right to express your opinions.
Name: Hamed Asgarpanah
Date: 17 Dec 19 14:37 UTC
The original criminals in western government are roaming freely while the real journalists like Suzie are all in exile on are being sued & incarcerated.
Name: Shawn Hubbard
Date: 17 Dec 19 14:04 UTC
Suzie is a valuable educator & human rights advocate. She should be acclaimed & not persecuted.
Name: Liesbeth Nieuwenweg
Date: 17 Dec 19 13:56 UTC
Please protect Suzie Dawson!
Name: Mary M
Date: 17 Dec 19 13:39 UTC
Powerful Entities using their power & influence for nefarious reasons must be brought to justice & Suzie should be protected.
Name: Emma Beverage
Date: 17 Dec 19 07:27 UTC
Name: Ursula Riches
Date: 17 Dec 19 13:06 UTC
When intelligence agencies and govts do WRONG that they are so ashamed of that they persecute journalists like Julian Assange and Suzie Dawson, would it not be better to REPENT and change instead?
Name: Sharon Mcauley
Date: 17 Dec 19 12:35 UTC
I support Suzie in her peaceful pro-democratic journalism.
Name: Rosemary Ingram
Date: 17 Dec 19 11:32 UTC
Please support this brave woman .She’s doing this for us
Name: Jeanie Schmidt
Date: 17 Dec 19 07:51 UTC
It is absurd that journalism, speaking truth & activism have become crimes for profit with contracted bids on innocent lives! This is beyond unacceptable & we will not tolerate what has been done to Suzie & her family. It is far beyond shameful & we will not stop defending her!
Name: Robert Angarano
Date: 17 Dec 19 06:24 UTC
For Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love. Suzie is being persecuted by destroyers of Humanity. We must stand as People for a new Vision of Humanity without shadow governments.
Name: Sandra Molnar
Date: 17 Dec 19 05:29 UTC
No one should have to leave their country just because one tells the truth. But when it happen other countries have to step in and help. Don't let corrupt officials in your country make you no better.
Name: Jennie Helena
Date: 17 Dec 19 04:14 UTC
Suzie Dawson is one of those rare individuals who possesses ethics and values that are uncompromising. Because of her incredible work as a journalist she has been driven away from her home and forced to seek asylum. She deserves help. She deserves some stability in her life after all she’s been through. Please help her by signing this letter. Please donate to her legal fund if you possibly can do so, even if it’s a little because small amounts add up! My prayer for her is that she receive asylum and is granted the right to live without fear. She’s done so much for others. This time she’s the one in need.
Name: Stephen Perrett
Date: 17 Dec 19 04:08 UTC
Protect Suzie Dawson for the sake of democracy all over the world.
Name: Kendra Christian
Date: 17 Dec 19 03:47 UTC
Free speech is a cornerstone of democracy. It is essential the public be able to speak their minds and fight for a better world peacefully like Suzie has done. Persecuting her is shameful. She should be recognized internationally as a refugee and given asylum.
Name: Guy E Potter
Date: 16 Dec 19 23:51 UTC
35 yr rnm victim
Name: Scott Johnson
Date: 16 Dec 19 23:32 UTC
Democracy, in the truest sense, is dependent upon an informed electorate. Suzie's persecution is a direct result of her brave attempts at exposing the heavy-handed, anti-democratic abuses of the international surveillance state. It is essential that Suzie--a fearless advocate of a free and open press--be allowed to serve as a counter-balance to unchecked state and corporate power.
Name: Jason Brinkman
Date: 16 Dec 19 23:10 UTC
I feel for Suzie. It is a shame how bad she has been treated.
Name: Laura Genovese
Date: 16 Dec 19 22:41 UTC
Suzie's work is one of the things I love most in this world. Her high regard for the truth and kindness makes her a rare, brave force that has incensed the powerful. Please don't allow them to hunt down honest journalists. Please protect her and her family. Please protect humanity by protecting our finest.