Open Letter

We are asking all good people of conscience to co-sign their name to the below Open Letter. The letter calls on relevant international bodies and non-governmental agencies to take immediate action to endorse and preserve the human rights and liberty of Suzie and her children, and to protect them from being thrust back into the waiting arms of her persecutors. Once you have read and signed the letter, please share it with friends, colleagues and family to help us protect this brave Kiwi journalist. Thank you

We, the undersigned, have reviewed the overwhelming evidence of New Zealand journalist Suzie Dawson’s political persecution as posted on this website and call on international bodies and NGO's to step up and advocate for the protection of Suzie and her family from this persecution.

It is unacceptable that a young mother and her children have been subjected to extreme psychological distress after years of targeting and harassment by the very entities Suzie held to account through her journalistic work and activism. Suzie and her children deserve, at the very least, to live free of this persistent abuse.

Due to a combination of discrimination based on Suzie's country of origin and her association with other high value targets, neglect and lack of resource, Suzie and her family are effectively in limbo and require urgent intervention from appropriate parties in order to resolve their situation in a way that reinforces and is consistent with their human rights.

Suzie Dawson is not and has never been a threat to the public but rather a peaceful, pro-democratic activist whose journalistic work has been published on three continents, in multiple languages, and is of a great benefit to the public. We therefore exhort you to provide Suzie Dawson and her young family the support and advocacy necessary to ensure that they are protected from the powerful entities that have demonstrated repeatedly that they will stop at nothing to harm her.

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Name: Chris Stephenson
Date: 28 Dec 19 00:49 UTC
Suzie is a guardian to us all.
Name: Hans Ohndorf
Date: 28 Dec 19 00:37 UTC
I support Suzie!
Name: Rosemary Ingram
Date: 28 Dec 19 00:17 UTC
Please help Suzie and her children live in safety
Name: E L Frost
Date: 27 Dec 19 23:54 UTC
Thank you very much form the tremendous work you do.
Name: Dragos Savu
Date: 27 Dec 19 23:42 UTC
End the political persecution of Suzie Dawson! Journalism is not a crime.
Name: Lee Fenton
Date: 27 Dec 19 22:44 UTC
I stand with Suzie
Name: William Hogan
Date: 27 Dec 19 22:37 UTC
Suzie is a dedicated activist and journalist who has been targeted by the international intelligence community cabal. Help support her campaign to end this targeting of democracy!
Name: Vincent Abinet
Date: 27 Dec 19 22:34 UTC
Great defender of whistleblowers, Suzie deserves being supported in turn.
Name: Charlene Weisel
Date: 27 Dec 19 22:32 UTC
Your courage inspires many of us to find ours. Thank you.
Name: Mignon Dawson
Date: 27 Dec 19 22:29 UTC
The targeting of journalists must stop. The human rights of every one upheld. I support the effort to preserve her human rights
Name: Mel Carter
Date: 27 Dec 19 21:02 UTC
Please protect democracy and Suzie.
Name: Jodi Sarda
Date: 27 Dec 19 20:39 UTC
Protect her
Name: Glenn Mcgrath
Date: 27 Dec 19 20:38 UTC
Suzie is a guardian to us all.
Name: Tony Trewinnard
Date: 27 Dec 19 20:03 UTC
'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.' - Martin Luther King Jr.
Name: Thomas Pappalardo
Date: 27 Dec 19 18:50 UTC
Suzie is courageously doing what most journalists are afraid to do speak hard truths and back it up with evidence and I applaud her for that.
Name: Candice Cacopardo
Date: 27 Dec 19 13:24 UTC
Suzie and her children deserve asylum. No one should live in limbo like this due to honest journalism.
Name: Robert G
Date: 27 Dec 19 12:21 UTC
I may owe my life to Suzie. After decades of investigation as a T.I., I believe she uncovered the truth. By validating my personal experiences she gave me the strength to move forward with my goals and aspirations and family life. I am nearly 70 years old and she is one of the top five individuals whose work helped define who I am and how I act during the remaining years of my life. If that is not good journalism, I don’t know what is.
Name: Shantelle Lucero
Date: 27 Dec 19 18:14 UTC
protect this journalist and her family.
Name: Lorilee House
Date: 27 Dec 19 18:00 UTC
Protect all whistleblowers and journalists who expose government crimes. Stop the political persecution of Suzie Dawson and her family.
Name: James Miller
Date: 27 Dec 19 18:00 UTC
Free Julian Assange

Free Chelsea Manning

Protect suzi dawson
Name: Kevin Ward
Date: 27 Dec 19 16:10 UTC
I depend on Suzie Dawson's accuracy of reporting and her courage in defending democracy as well as the Third Rail.

Free Assange! Respect Suzie Dawson's dedication to the common good!
Name: Tommi Siitonen
Date: 27 Dec 19 16:08 UTC
Stop letting power hurt those that champion the weak
Name: Robert Vanpraag
Date: 27 Dec 19 15:55 UTC
Suzie has a right to report the truth. She also has a right to live harassment free.
Name: Meredith Stone
Date: 27 Dec 19 15:43 UTC
I support Suzie!
Name: Karina Uisce Fernandes
Date: 27 Dec 19 14:42 UTC
In solidarity
Name: Ursula Riches
Date: 27 Dec 19 14:11 UTC
For goodness sake, STOP abusing journalists and ordinary people!
Name: Jim Sulecki
Date: 27 Dec 19 14:10 UTC
Thank you Suzie you are truly a role model !!
Name: Eugenio
Date: 27 Dec 19 14:08 UTC
Keep up the good work and bringing in the group!
Name: Anne Senila
Date: 27 Dec 19 14:06 UTC
Protect Suzi3D whom I have known for her journalistic work online for more than 10 years
Name: Sharon Raum
Date: 27 Dec 19 13:30 UTC
I support Suzie Dawson.
Name: Kathy Koseruba
Date: 27 Dec 19 13:28 UTC
We support true Freedom of the Press!
Name: Candice Cacopardo
Date: 27 Dec 19 13:23 UTC
No one should live in limbo like this as a result of honest journalism. Suzie and her children deserve asylum.
Name: Jay Mac
Date: 27 Dec 19 13:03 UTC
Best wishes Suzie
Name: Amy Harlib
Date: 27 Dec 19 12:43 UTC
Name: Andres
Date: 27 Dec 19 12:21 UTC
I stand with Suzie.
Name: Keri Donovan
Date: 27 Dec 19 12:08 UTC
I support Suzie, please protect journalists
Name: Ginger
Date: 27 Dec 19 12:04 UTC
I Stand with Suzie

#PressFreedom #JournalismIsNotaCrime
Name: Gary Knox
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:59 UTC
Really! What is this world coming too?
Name: John Giles
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:53 UTC
Democracy has become a sham when Western governments can persecute dissidents at will.
Name: Bjorn Danielsen
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:44 UTC
'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.'

- Martin Luther King Jr.
Name: Andrea Davison
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:34 UTC
Seeking refuge in a foreign land is hard enough. What refugees need is peace and security to rebuild their lives. Please let Suzie and her kids have that security.
Name: Jake F
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:25 UTC
Name: J-a Cramer
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:25 UTC
In solidarity with Suzie.
Name: Claudia Cinelli
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:25 UTC
Journalism is not a crime. Journalism is the publishing of facts people do not want known. Anything else is PR. Free Suzie Dawson and protect her children.
Name: David
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:22 UTC
Suzie Dawson and her children deserve to be protected by all for the truth that she shares.

Name: Mark Sleboda
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:17 UTC
Protect Suzi and her children from New Zealand police/surveillance state political persecution & harassment.
Name: Ian Colville
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:13 UTC
Name: Scotty
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:11 UTC
Free speech for journalists
Name: Anthony Fazio
Date: 27 Dec 19 11:09 UTC
Protect Suzie and her children.
Name: Amanda Vickers
Date: 27 Dec 19 08:47 UTC
Please protect Suzie - it's the right thing to do
Name: Luke Bell
Date: 27 Dec 19 08:42 UTC
If you didn't know that the state sponsors ruthless but deniable persecutions of its own civilian citizens, then you may not believe that this stuff happens at all. If you do know about how this works then no doubt you will be too afraid to help Suzie. Is their any place safe for her and her family? Will anyone help her and is there anyone strong enough to, help her. Or is the destruction of this sick growth industry the only solution. Maybe you big tough guys persecuting a single mother and her children ought to offer her a huge payout and apologise before its too late.
Name: Jil
Date: 27 Dec 19 07:42 UTC
The current treatment of Suzie is a disgrace and a blot on our country. Make it right!
Name: Michelle Grayden
Date: 27 Dec 19 02:06 UTC
Cause Creepy folks since time began have tried to control public knowledge, yet freedom of expression survives archaeology or analysis of the Internet wars already exists the truth is out so help build a better system instead of killing journalists and good people everywhere.
Name: Carl E Hartung
Date: 27 Dec 19 01:59 UTC
SIgned with great love and respect for Suzie. Please do the right thing!
Name: Samantha Kerr
Date: 27 Dec 19 01:40 UTC
Name: Lissa Johnson
Date: 27 Dec 19 01:12 UTC
The war on dissent and the targeting of journalists and activists puts at risk everything we all hold dear: democracy, freedom, human rights and rule of law. If we leave those in the crosshairs hung out to dry, we do so at our own risk. This is about more than just one woman. It is about the rights and freedoms we take for granted, but which, as Suzie knows, are being rapidly eroded around the world. No one should have to go on the run for holding power accountable. That is why I support Suzie's plea for asylum.
Name: Nadine Gizak
Date: 27 Dec 19 00:57 UTC
I support freedom of speech, human rights, and the pursuit of liberty. Let Suzie Dawson freely engage in journalism without retribution from State and private actors.
Name: Nancy
Date: 26 Dec 19 23:04 UTC
I support Suzie 💕

'Journalism can never be silent: 🤐That is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault.' 👍
Name: Alesha Harris
Date: 26 Dec 19 22:43 UTC
I stand with this amazing human and her children.
Name: Dada E
Date: 26 Dec 19 21:54 UTC
I stand with Suzie
Name: Suzie
Date: 26 Dec 19 21:03 UTC
I support Suzie because she has sacrificed a lot to help humanity know the truth!
Name: Jane Robertson-gaoua
Date: 26 Dec 19 19:46 UTC
Love you Suzie ... real journalists are few and far between
Name: Jenny
Date: 26 Dec 19 19:24 UTC
Please stand up for Suzie as she has for us all. She's risked everything to publish the truth and deserves respect and admiration.
Name: Brett Laughton
Date: 26 Dec 19 19:12 UTC
Name: Tam Brewer'shaftner
Date: 26 Dec 19 18:51 UTC
I stand with Suzie,

# JournalismIsNotACrime
Name: Lucia Andrade
Date: 26 Dec 19 18:24 UTC
Stop harrassment
Name: Julie Collier
Date: 26 Dec 19 18:23 UTC
I find it sad and harmful to all societies that truthful investigative journalists are smeared and attacked while lying propagandist are praised and promoted.
Name: Mladen
Date: 26 Dec 19 16:45 UTC
Justice for anyone that is brave enough to talk the truth.
Name: Kyle Farquharson
Date: 26 Dec 19 16:43 UTC
Thank you Suzie for your dedication in bringing daylight & accountability to the machinations of the intelligence & surveillance state, & your advocacy on behalf of Julian Assange. You're a great asset to the cause of building popular power & genuine democracy. You & your children deserve safety, dignity, & respect.
Name: Kristin Scott
Date: 26 Dec 19 15:39 UTC
I stand with Suzie!
Name: Kristy Trione
Date: 26 Dec 19 15:33 UTC
Let the heroes be free. Hospitalize the criminals they expose.
Name: Timothy R Cuthbertson
Date: 26 Dec 19 15:07 UTC
I support Suzie
Name: Diane Smoley
Date: 26 Dec 19 14:02 UTC
Suzie is a person of integrity and kindness and needs your help. Please grant asylum for Suzie and her family.
Name: Leslie Harwood
Date: 26 Dec 19 13:49 UTC
I stand with Suzie and what she believes in.
Name: Kim Mcconnell
Date: 26 Dec 19 13:37 UTC
Journalism is not a crime. Respect and protect truth tellers because they protect us.
Name: Diego
Date: 26 Dec 19 13:17 UTC
Hay que ponerse en los zapatos de ella
Name: Anastasia
Date: 26 Dec 19 13:15 UTC
Stop political persecution of journalists!
Name: Aran Mcmahon
Date: 26 Dec 19 12:38 UTC
Let journalists speak the truth
Name: Jessica G
Date: 26 Dec 19 12:14 UTC
Free and truthful journalism is a foundation to keep a democracy from the corruption of human nature in power.
Name: Gadi Nisenholz
Date: 26 Dec 19 11:51 UTC
Protect Susie Dawson
Name: Homer Usares
Date: 26 Dec 19 11:45 UTC
Stop the persecution of Suzie Dawson
Name: Christian Larsson
Date: 26 Dec 19 11:30 UTC
One shouldn't be punished for telling the truth!
Name: Lorese Vera
Date: 26 Dec 19 11:29 UTC
Journalism is not a crime and free speech is our right.
Name: Matthew Wilson
Date: 26 Dec 19 11:28 UTC
Solidarity with Suzie!
Name: Desiree Assaad
Date: 26 Dec 19 10:59 UTC
Exposing the truth is not a crime.
Name: Camilo
Date: 26 Dec 19 09:27 UTC
Respect and protect truth tellers
Name: Anne Hinde
Date: 26 Dec 19 09:25 UTC
Truthful Journalism is Not A Crime .
Name: Reuthner
Date: 26 Dec 19 09:23 UTC
We as western must live our values like human rights
Name: Tarref Simon
Date: 26 Dec 19 09:11 UTC
Whistleblowers, Activist, Journalist, & truthtellers 👍🏾🇺🇸
Name: Alex Hills
Date: 26 Dec 19 08:06 UTC
please protect suzie sho has stood up for persecuted and needs our help
Name: Krisna Povoden Vucko
Date: 26 Dec 19 08:04 UTC
#Journalism is not a crime!

Govt. harassement should be.
Name: Lenny Zuber
Date: 26 Dec 19 08:00 UTC
Justice for all.
Name: Rob
Date: 26 Dec 19 07:57 UTC
Free Journalism.
Name: Sheri
Date: 26 Dec 19 07:43 UTC
Why keep uprooting a beautiful person and her family? Suzie is the bravest person I know and is only seeking the truth, nothing more. She is peaceful and kind and her family deserves to be able to create a home for themselves.
Name: Daniel Wexler
Date: 26 Dec 19 07:32 UTC
I support Suzie
Name: Don Fraser
Date: 26 Dec 19 07:32 UTC
Lets end this disgrace to our integrity
Name: Renee
Date: 26 Dec 19 07:21 UTC
Please protect Suzie Dawson from further harassment by intel agency thugs.
Name: Jeremy Caplan
Date: 26 Dec 19 07:06 UTC
Let her live in peace
Name: Elizabeth Hamilton
Date: 26 Dec 19 07:03 UTC
Save this brilliant, loving, dedicated woman and her children!
Name: Dwayne
Date: 26 Dec 19 06:46 UTC
F**k surveillance & 'intel' industries