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We are asking all good people of conscience to co-sign their name to the below Open Letter. The letter calls on relevant international bodies and non-governmental agencies to take immediate action to endorse and preserve the human rights and liberty of Suzie and her children, and to protect them from being thrust back into the waiting arms of her persecutors. Once you have read and signed the letter, please share it with friends, colleagues and family to help us protect this brave Kiwi journalist. Thank you

We, the undersigned, have reviewed the overwhelming evidence of New Zealand journalist Suzie Dawson’s political persecution as posted on this website and call on international bodies and NGO's to step up and advocate for the protection of Suzie and her family from this persecution.

It is unacceptable that a young mother and her children have been subjected to extreme psychological distress after years of targeting and harassment by the very entities Suzie held to account through her journalistic work and activism. Suzie and her children deserve, at the very least, to live free of this persistent abuse.

Due to a combination of discrimination based on Suzie's country of origin and her association with other high value targets, neglect and lack of resource, Suzie and her family are effectively in limbo and require urgent intervention from appropriate parties in order to resolve their situation in a way that reinforces and is consistent with their human rights.

Suzie Dawson is not and has never been a threat to the public but rather a peaceful, pro-democratic activist whose journalistic work has been published on three continents, in multiple languages, and is of a great benefit to the public. We therefore exhort you to provide Suzie Dawson and her young family the support and advocacy necessary to ensure that they are protected from the powerful entities that have demonstrated repeatedly that they will stop at nothing to harm her.

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Name: Tresilla Wood
Date: 01 Mar 21 07:47 UTC
It is a crying shame that in 2021 I am having to request that governments and human rights bodies protect this amazing journalist and peaceful pro democracy activist, as well as her children. I have been following her for years and everything she does is in the public interest. Please be on the right side of history and support this family and their basic rights. Thank you
Name: Christiane Habich
Date: 12 Jan 21 12:06 UTC
Protect Suzie Dawson. Protect the freedom of speech.
Name: St John Kelliher
Date: 12 Jan 21 21:54 UTC
The war on journalism is raising consciousness. It accordingly contains its own destruction. In the meantime, Suzie Dawson needs to be protected urgently.
Name: Vivian Bryan
Date: 30 Dec 20 15:32 UTC
Suzie is a courageous journalist, a true warrior for truth!
Name: James Young
Date: 07 Nov 20 19:22 UTC
Our 1st Amendment Rights all over the world are being stripped away layer by layer - year by year!

In the U.S. we can no longer count or depend on any political party to come to save our freedoms, liberties and rights. fully supports Susie Dawson, Elizabeth Voss & crew in freeing/pardoning Julian Assange, Edward Snowden & others from the ever growing oppression, subjugation and fascism of the Corporate Elite 1% & their puppets in Washington D.C./Congress!

Please do all you can to support Susie & Co., whenever possible.

Mahalo nui loha,



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Name: Jim Pollard
Date: 04 Nov 20 18:30 UTC
Journalism should be free and unfettered and out of the control of corporate interests
Name: Audese Green
Date: 29 Oct 20 18:49 UTC
Suzie is fighting the GOOD fight.
Name: Robert Marshall
Date: 18 Oct 20 13:23 UTC
Protect Suzie, the truth needs to be told.
Name: William Stevenson
Date: 12 Oct 20 14:04 UTC
In a world where journalism is under constant attack Susie is one of the last hopes in the battle for truth, She must be protected at all costs!
Name: Homer Speechlive
Date: 12 Oct 20 11:18 UTC
Suzie and her kids need to live in safety while Suzie pursues truth-telling journalism
Name: Esther Paine
Date: 12 Oct 20 10:51 UTC
Independent journalism is all we have too get real news of what’s happening in the world, since MSM are generally corporate owned.
Name: Canadianglen
Date: 12 Oct 20 09:14 UTC
The price for exposing governmental crimes and abuse should never involve having to flee your home to get away from said government. Suzie has always done righteous work, from #Occupy on ward to present day.
Name: Elise Tak
Date: 12 Oct 20 05:30 UTC
Freedom of press! Freedom!

Suzie is a great investigative journalist (and a very nice person)
Name: Vicki
Date: 10 Oct 20 14:52 UTC
Suzie Dawson is a journalist who had to flee her home country of NZ due to persecution. She is a young mother and deserves protection. I support Suzie Dawson and her journalistic endevours.
Name: Laura Lynch
Date: 10 Oct 20 14:36 UTC
Protect our truth tellers.
Name: Patrick Lynch
Date: 09 Oct 20 11:11 UTC
Without a fourth estate the rule of law that enables a republic and it’s foundational ideals of democracy become the ephemeral arbitrary wisps of tyrannical despotic unaccountable power...
Name: Jenny Trigg
Date: 09 Oct 20 11:09 UTC
Journalism is not a crime!
Name: Akhil Bakhshi
Date: 09 Oct 20 09:32 UTC
Save Suzie D
Name: Kay Groves
Date: 09 Oct 20 09:32 UTC
Suzie is a courageous human being, appreciated & respected internationally. For a journalist of integrity & truth please stop these attacks on a peaceful family. Shame on NZ's lack of insight, lack of will & lack of respect for journalistic freedom.
Name: Sarah Kearney
Date: 09 Oct 20 05:08 UTC
The validity of this case is not in question
Name: Campos Lobo
Date: 08 Oct 20 11:15 UTC
The biggest failure of UN, and multilateralism in general, is that the power of the US-led western intel apparatus has grown unopposed and remains unchallenged. This has to change to protect people like Suzie Dawson, who belongs to an extremely rare group: the good journalists.
Name: Tom Callens
Date: 08 Oct 20 11:05 UTC
Free Suzie
Name: Colin Mirgis
Date: 08 Oct 20 10:25 UTC
It seems that any journalist worth their salt today is harassed, intimidated, smeared and persecuted by the state, especially increasingly here in the West, by those powers that have been exposed as Evil doers through inhumane actions for gains financial, resources and power in general.

We must protect our Independent and Corporate journo's and publishers that go about fearlessly speaking truths to power, putting everything on the line, informing 'we the people', our right to know. Free Suzie Dawson.
Name: Alex Parker
Date: 08 Oct 20 09:50 UTC
We need to protect those who search for and explain the real issues
Name: David Becker
Date: 08 Oct 20 09:18 UTC
We don't have much time left. You tried your way for many decades. It has corrupted you and the world. People like Suzie can help bring a better world about.
Name: Ian Caruana
Date: 08 Oct 20 09:09 UTC
Suzie was the person who gave me direction when I wanted to show my support for Julian Assange, the work Suzie does is so important. Keep up the good work Suzie
Name: Ch
Date: 07 Oct 20 12:31 UTC
Leave her alone
Name: Jana Velickovic
Date: 07 Oct 20 12:12 UTC
In solidarity with Suzie.
Name: Roger Herbert
Date: 07 Oct 20 11:33 UTC
Freedom of Speech is THE cornerstone human right. She needs to be free!
Name: Lohan Gunaweera
Date: 07 Oct 20 11:17 UTC
Stop persecuting Suzie Dawson! She is one of the finest journalists of our time. Journalism is not a crime!
Name: Stephen Perrett
Date: 07 Oct 20 03:10 UTC
Protect Suzie Dawson!
Name: Emma Beverage
Date: 06 Oct 20 08:16 UTC
EVIL has captured our world and only the courage of ethical, truthful journalists can save us.
Name: Duncan Macmartin
Date: 06 Oct 20 05:25 UTC
Stop persecuting our best journalists we have so few of them!
Name: Raymond Nash
Date: 06 Oct 20 04:57 UTC
I was unaware a comment was mandatory, but here ya are. No SPAM. 100% support
Name: Caressia Blair
Date: 17 Sep 20 15:18 UTC
Please end the political persecution of Suzie Dawson. Journalism isn't a crime!
Name: Anthony Robbins
Date: 17 Sep 20 15:12 UTC
Stop trying to silence the truth.
Name: Jason Brown
Date: 26 Aug 20 21:35 UTC
Interesting that this open letter has 97 retweets but only 13 signatures.

One response on Twitter cites being warned about spam - as has just happened to me. I wonder how many others were warned off signing. For others considering signing, and wondering how far down the rabbit hole this all goes for Suzy, her story has been verified by leading privacy and spy state experts, including CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, see notarised letter

Shockingly little written about this in her home country New Zealand. As an independent journalist, I can only shake my head in disgust.
Name: Jennie Helena
Date: 27 Jul 20 05:33 UTC
Suzie Dawson is a very giving and selfless person. She’s been absolutely integral to the successes of the Unity4J movement to save Julian Assange. We’re it not for the corrpt societies now encompassing the Western world, Suzie would be a celebrated journalist and activist enjoying freedom of movement in her home country of New Zealand. Please give all you can to help Suzie. She truly deserves our support!
Name: Emma Beverage
Date: 27 May 20 18:13 UTC
Evil is controlling our world and anyone with the courage to expose this gets targeted.
Name: Inahaa Te Urutahi Waikerepuru
Date: 26 May 20 03:28 UTC
I totally support the safety of Suzie and her children to be in a secure state level of care and protection from the dangers posed upon her by the NZ Govt
Name: Marcus Freeman
Date: 15 May 20 05:48 UTC
Freedom is a right for all.
Name: Sharon Powell
Date: 04 May 20 14:14 UTC
Journalism is not a crime!
Name: Sadaf Fatima
Date: 14 Apr 20 21:09 UTC
For freedom of expression and free press
Name: Nam Nguyen
Date: 14 Apr 20 12:53 UTC
I am in full support of the Protect Suzie Campaign.
Name: Mitchell McGuire
Date: 12 Apr 20 12:51 UTC
Intel agencies are a systemic threat to our democracies. They threaten our basic freedoms, our public safety, national security, and world piece. The targeting of S. Dawson is just the tip of the iceberg on the abuse of power, the unchecked privledges they hold. They use nefarious methods to accomolish goals, goals of for and by corporations, and special interests. Not the people whom they are supposed to serve. Protect human rights, protect freedom of the press, protect Suzie Dawson
Name: Tony Wakeham
Date: 08 Mar 20 11:22 UTC
She is an investigative journalist with integraty that exposes corruption & crime. She needs to be protected from the powerful people who perpetrate the illegal acts.
Name: Anne Burnell
Date: 08 Mar 20 00:52 UTC
Before being chosen by Wikileaks founder & publisher Julian Assange to spearhead Unity4J Vigils, Suzie Dawson was already being targeted by her home country New Zealand for publishing government crimes. Being forced to leave her home country, she now lives in Russia. Because the one govt official RESPONSIBLE for giving Suzie refugee status was mentioned in one of Suzie's articles, she outright refused to give Suzie refugee status OR RESPONSIBLE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT she'd READ Suzie's APPLICATION FORM ...leaving Suzie IN the dark/in limbo which has led to this open letter. (UK did THE SAME with letters sent to them from Nils Melzer regarding psychological torture on Julian Assange.) Suzie set aside YEARS to help free Julian Assange & Wikileaks with Unity4J Vigils. It's been some time that we must help her. So, please sign this open letter. Thanks, for taking the time to read and sign.
Name: Salima Maouch
Date: 05 Mar 20 01:19 UTC
It is shocking to see that Suzie has been put into this position by her government for simply informing the public about reality. Suzie and her family deserve to be protected and safe. Journalism is not a crime.
Name: Levi Nelitz
Date: 27 Feb 20 05:33 UTC
This situation shows the harassment and danger people, especially journalists face when exposing high levels of corruption and destructive tactics within corporate, government and legal systems.
Name: Matthew Prockter
Date: 24 Feb 20 06:13 UTC
NZ should to try to maintain an independent foreign policy. We need to protect courageous journalists like Suzie, who expose where this is not the case.
Name: Theresa Barzee
Date: 23 Feb 20 23:55 UTC
Suzie is an awezome researcher and heroine for freedom. Please give her the emotional and monetary support she and her family need to thrive. May all of us help and continue to support this ourageious journalist now and in all future endeavors of hers. Thank You, for protecting and providing for her safety and her children's safety. Theresa Barzee
Name: Kathy Bridge
Date: 22 Feb 20 22:13 UTC
This is a grave injustice that needs to be put right. Human rights violation against Suzie and family.
Name: Srdjanr
Date: 22 Feb 20 10:16 UTC
Protect Suzie!!
Name: Jennifer Bossi
Date: 22 Feb 20 09:43 UTC
Spreading truth, being courageous - Suzie, thank you for being yourself. I feel encouraged by you. May you and your family be safe <3>
Name: Susan Phelan
Date: 21 Feb 20 09:20 UTC
Truthful journalism is not a crime.
Name: William Franz
Date: 20 Feb 20 20:48 UTC
The world needs fearless independent journalism more than ever.
Name: Ed West
Date: 18 Feb 20 23:48 UTC
Hello. Leave journalists alone!
Name: Satu Hiitola
Date: 18 Feb 20 13:47 UTC
I don't understand why my name is not on the list even thought I put it there many weeks ago. Suzie, you are lot alone. I got some ideas. Just try hang on there. Could you send me an email? I would like to tell about my ideas?
Name: Edward Delicata
Date: 18 Feb 20 00:38 UTC
The mistreatment of journalists for doing their job MUST CEASE. Telling the truth is NOT a crime!
Name: Merce Sandoval Cuenca
Date: 16 Feb 20 17:18 UTC
I learnt about Suzie Dawson while searching for truthful articles and honest journalism. I think it's outrageous to destroy somebodys life for helping us be properly informed. I hope she and her family can get protection as any of us does
Name: Amy-beth Doyon
Date: 16 Feb 20 04:23 UTC
Suzie and her children deserve a life of peace. As an activist myself who has been harassed, stalked and had an attempt on my life (resulting in near death and permanent impairment) I'm especially passionate about Suzie's case. Please protect Suzie and her children.
Name: Kirill
Date: 15 Feb 20 09:45 UTC
Please protect Suzi.
Name: Rebecca Hicks
Date: 15 Feb 20 02:39 UTC
Please stop this atrocity on an innocent family.
Name: Deanna Flowers
Date: 15 Feb 20 00:57 UTC
Protect Suzie, freedom of press and freedom of speech!
Name: James Reed
Date: 15 Feb 20 00:36 UTC
Stop picking on her.
Name: Nina
Date: 15 Feb 20 00:28 UTC
She has done nothing WRONG !!!
Name: Santiago Del Hierro
Date: 15 Feb 20 00:05 UTC
All my support!
Name: Ed
Date: 14 Feb 20 22:54 UTC
Suzie is a journalist and whistle-blower who needs international bodies need to protect Suzie and her family from this persecution
Name: Alina Lilova
Date: 14 Feb 20 21:13 UTC
In solidarity with Suzie Dawson - please protect her!
Name: Stephen Verchinski
Date: 14 Feb 20 17:12 UTC
Support free speech and journalists
Name: Dan
Date: 14 Feb 20 05:03 UTC
Please protect Suzie
Name: Rain
Date: 14 Feb 20 02:48 UTC
Best of luck brave Susie, I admire who you are!
Name: David Nash
Date: 14 Feb 20 00:44 UTC
Good luck. The world needs more good people
Name: Rosemary Ingram
Date: 13 Feb 20 22:16 UTC
Support Suzie as she supports others
Name: Darlene
Date: 13 Feb 20 19:08 UTC
Protect Suzie and her children! Journalism is not a crime and harassment should never be allowed.
Name: Magnus Mickelsson
Date: 13 Feb 20 17:11 UTC
Keep fighting the good fight!
Name: Ronald Krinock
Date: 13 Feb 20 15:24 UTC
Please make this a top priority.
Name: Alice
Date: 13 Feb 20 13:24 UTC
Call to Protect for Suzie & her children

Is a Call to protect Journalists, whistleblowers, Journalism & humanRights. Free JulianAssange Free ChelseaManning Free Snowden Free Ola Bini & others.. Solidarity

Name: Bob Burdoff
Date: 12 Feb 20 06:36 UTC
just do the right thing - ditto for all journo's & whistle blowers.
Name: Lucy Godfrey
Date: 12 Feb 20 00:01 UTC

It is unacceptable that a young mother and her children have been subjected to extreme psychological distress.
Name: Carlos Mendez
Date: 10 Feb 20 05:35 UTC
Protect who disent to protec5 freedom and prevent corruption
Name: Kay Cornally
Date: 10 Feb 20 21:44 UTC
Please protect Suzi.
Name: Jaclin Chouchana
Date: 10 Feb 20 10:31 UTC
Protect journalists and the truth thanks Suzie
Name: Christian Larsson
Date: 10 Feb 20 07:35 UTC
Protect Suzie now!
Name: Sam Pearson
Date: 10 Feb 20 03:02 UTC
Protect free journalism! Fight for freedom and truth!
Name: Can Erimtan
Date: 09 Feb 20 18:34 UTC
Suzie Dawson is a paragon of virtue, the virtue of freedom of speech.
Name: Tresilla Wood
Date: 09 Feb 20 11:10 UTC
Suzie is an outstanding journalist and activist who has been instrumental in exposing the depths of the 5 eyes. She has experienced extreme and unjust persecution. Her courageous stance in the face of constant threats is an inspiration. No young family should be living under constant threat and fear!
Name: Jenny
Date: 09 Feb 20 09:09 UTC
Persecution against Suzie and others must stop.
Name: Ksenia
Date: 09 Feb 20 08:44 UTC
Signing the letter I'd like to show my support for Suzie.
Name: Dr Lilliana Corredor
Date: 09 Feb 20 07:49 UTC
It's outrageous that Suzie Dawson and her young children have been persecuted for 4 years because of her journalistic activities exposing government malfeasance! And, worse still is that such persecution be done by the same Intelligence Agencies that have been persecuting Julian Assange! It's unconscionable that Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press be censored, simply because governments eant to keep secret their crimes, abuse of power, and malfeasance! Suzie Dawson's situation is untenable and she MUST be granted 'Political Refugee' status immediately by the UNOHR - so that her and her chidren can receive official ASYLUM for their safety.
Name: Merlin Blackmore
Date: 09 Feb 20 04:24 UTC
In the time I've known Suzie, all she's done is try to help people (including me). She's a wonderful mother, friend, and human being. Please help her in any way you can.
Name: Jessica
Date: 09 Feb 20 03:54 UTC
God Bless and Protect Suzie and her family!
Name: Geoffrey Blake
Date: 09 Feb 20 01:14 UTC
Descry moral terpitude wherever..
Name: Sarah Lane
Date: 07 Feb 20 17:38 UTC
Suzie Dawson is an exceptional journalist and telling the truth is not a crime.
Name: Cheryl Browne
Date: 07 Feb 20 17:20 UTC
Freedom of speech
Name: Paula Akbar
Date: 07 Feb 20 05:03 UTC
There are no words to describe Suzie Dawson's surreal and nightmarish situation. Please give her and her children the security, safety and protection that they deserve.
Name: William Howe
Date: 07 Feb 20 00:32 UTC
Please protect Suzie. Fight for a free press.
Name: Scott Gould
Date: 07 Feb 20 00:27 UTC
Good luck Suzie, keep up the good work.
Name: Deborah Hendry
Date: 08 Feb 20 23:02 UTC
Suzie Dawson is a journalist whose excellent work is entirely essential, integral to true democratic process. Free press Free Speech and free Truth. Thank you Suzie Peace and best wishes to you and your family.

Name: Marco Biancotto
Date: 08 Feb 20 22:47 UTC
One of the brightest voices advocating the right to inform own fellow humans about what's wrong with the orwellian world that's being built around us