Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson needs our
help to keep her safe and free

We are building awareness to
protect her from harm

Together we can #ProtectSuzie so
she can keep speaking truth to power


Who is Suzie Dawson and what happened to her?

Suzie Dawson is a journalist and activist living in exile. She is originally from Auckland, New Zealand. Suzie exposed corruption in the governments of New Zealand, the United States and their intelligence agencies. She became a target as a result of her work.

When did this all happen? Where is Suzie now?

Suzie's journalism and activism spans the period 2011-present. The targeting of her started during the Occupy movement. The threats and hardships she was subjected to became more aggressive as the years went on, and her significant journalistic work continued. Timelines detailing Suzie's work, and the targeting that she endured, can be found here. In 2015 Suzie relocated to Berlin in Germany, but continued to be targeted. She is now located in Moscow, Russia and is safe there, but due to legal complications, we don't know for how long she will be able to remain at liberty.

How can I help save Suzie?

Suzie's situation is severe. She is going to require state level protection and engagement or assistance from the United Nations and/or other major NGO's. You can help increase the possibility of her gaining that protection, by studying Suzie's case, educating others, networking with other supporters and conducting outreach. Sign our Open Letter calling for the protection of Suzie and her young family, and if you are able, empower her financially by donating to support her and her young family through this time.

Join us! Together we can protect this brave and vulnerable journalist.

Suzie Dawson


Graphs and statistical anaylsis have the ability to tell a complex story in a very simple way. For years Suzie has been telling her story in narrative and long-form, but the full breadth and depth of her work is far easier to absorb when it is examined in the below tables and charts. Meticulously referenced, they accurately depict the scope of Suzie's journalism and activism in the period 2011-2019.


A number of people who knew and worked with Suzie in New Zealand, who were aware of the targeting of her (and some of whom were also targeted themselves) are already on public record supporting her claims. Examples include the Occupy Auckland Media Team Co-ordinator Benjamin Cooney, Kiwi musician Chris Yong, New Zealand media stalwart Martyn Bradbury among others. Recently, another key member of Suzie's media team participated in an absolute must-watch interview, that greatly contextualises as well as ratifies Suzie's experiences.


A number of high profile individuals with specific, relevant knowledge filed official notarised testimonies in support of Suzie's 2019 temporary asylum claim. Some of those testimonies are below.


Hundreds of publicly available articles and open source references exist that contain additional contextual information about events surrounding or related to Suzie's situation. A large selection of these have been spreadsheeted below and provide invaluable background into the web of historic political and social events which Suzie was a part of. (Note: this database will be added to over time)

Open Letter

We are asking all good people of conscience to co-sign their name to the below Open Letter. The letter calls on relevant international bodies and non-governmental agencies to take immediate action to endorse and preserve the human rights and liberty of Suzie and her children, and to protect them from being thrust back into the waiting arms of her persecutors. Once you have read and signed the letter, please share it with friends, colleagues and family to help us protect this brave Kiwi journalist. Thank you

We, the undersigned, have reviewed the overwhelming evidence of New Zealand journalist Suzie Dawson’s political persecution as posted on this website and call on international bodies and NGO's to step up and advocate for the protection of Suzie and her family from this persecution.

It is unacceptable that a young mother and her children have been subjected to extreme psychological distress after years of targeting and harassment by the very entities Suzie held to account through her journalistic work and activism. Suzie and her children deserve, at the very least, to live free of this persistent abuse.

Due to a combination of discrimination based on Suzie's country of origin and her association with other high value targets, neglect and lack of resource, Suzie and her family are effectively in limbo and require urgent intervention from appropriate parties in order to resolve their situation in a way that reinforces and is consistent with their human rights.

Suzie Dawson is not and has never been a threat to the public but rather a peaceful, pro-democratic activist whose journalistic work has been published on three continents, in multiple languages, and is of a great benefit to the public. We therefore exhort you to provide Suzie Dawson and her young family the support and advocacy necessary to ensure that they are protected from the powerful entities that have demonstrated repeatedly that they will stop at nothing to harm her.

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